ACPL Social Media Policies

Last Modified: 03 June 2013
Albany County Public Library (WY) shares their social media policies. These policies were developed by the Public Relations Coordinator, Caitlin White, and approved by the board. Thanks to Public Services Librarian, Kathy Marquis, for sharing.

In Case of Bed Bugs (and other pests)

Last Modified: 12 December 2012
Stephanie Lamson, Preservation Librarian at the University of Washington, shares procedures for dealing with beg bugs and other library pests found in returned books.

Filter Schmilter: Libraries and Internet Filtering Software

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
Since the use of filtering software for library computer terminals has become a subject of debate, the pros and cons of incorporating this software within library technology must be closely examined and weighed along with the traditional responsibility of the library professional for selecting materials.

Howard County Library WiFi Policy

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
A friendly and informative handout helping staff support wireless patron computing, from a suburban Maryland library.