Young Adults & Teens

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Today's young adults experience life with or without their library but as your community members transition from childhood to adulthood, you and your library can play a significant role in building life-long learners and library fans. Explore all facets of serving young adults and teens in your community including outreach, collection development, programming, teen volunteers and gaming.

Most Recently Added

January Poll Results: Community Engagement Programs

 News / Last Modified: 04 February 2016

In January we asked Crossroads readers what community engagement program they are looking forward to the most this year and, related, what their top engagement challenge or opportunity is for 2016. Responses varied over many topics but overall reveal...

Serving Youth Experiencing Homelessness

 News / Last Modified: 25 January 2016

Youth homelessness is increasing and teens who are homeless have a myriad of challenges to overcome. While the problem of teen homelessness is complicated, public libraries are finding ways to reach out and provide safe, positive programs as well as ...

Readopoly Reading Program Board

 Document / Last Modified: 16 January 2016

The team at Niles District Library have shared their Readopoly board for other libraries to use.

Board in the Library, Part 5: Getting Under the Hood with Game Mechanics

 News / Last Modified: 08 December 2015

This has been quite an adventure! Let's recap a bit. We started this journey exploring modern board games in the context of our favorite childhood games. Then we examined the different types of modern board games and what makes them so unique from ot...