Young Adults & Teens

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Today's young adults experience life with or without their library but as your community members transition from childhood to adulthood, you and your library can play a significant role in building life-long learners and library fans. Explore all facets of serving young adults and teens in your community including outreach, collection development, programming, teen volunteers and gaming.

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Teaming Up with Teens @ Your Library

 Webinar / Last Modified: 26 August 2014

Archive and related resources from October 25, 2011 webinar with Diane Tuccillo and Kelly M. Johnson on getting teens involved and engaged with your library.

WebJunction Partners Share Summer Reading Programming

 Webinar / Last Modified: 26 August 2014

Archive and associated resources for the January 20, 2011, partner meeting with Cheryl Space, Janet Ingraham Dwyer, Naphtali Faris, Ann Roberts and Michele Farley presenting.

Library Reading Incentive Programs for Summer and Beyond

 Webinar / Last Modified: 19 August 2014

Archive and associated resources for the February 15, 2011, webinar with Carol Evrard, Jenny Sitzman, Janet Ingraham Dwyer and Melanie Lyttle on library reading initiatives for libraries.

Digital Citizenship and Public Libraries

 News / Last Modified: 18 August 2014

Just as political citizenship expects principles of integrity of its citizenry, digital citizenship refers to expected modes of conduct in the digital world. Digital citizenship is an umbrella concept that includes the following: a) Preparing technol...

Learning through Playful Exploration with Makerspaces

 News / Last Modified: 11 August 2014

Marshmallow engineering? Robotics? Punk knitting? These creative activities are all examples of recent makerspace events happening at libraries all over the country. Programs like these are all about building community and mixing traditional crafts w...