Young Adults & Teens

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Today's young adults experience life with or without their library but as your community members transition from childhood to adulthood, you and your library can play a significant role in building life-long learners and library fans. Explore all facets of serving young adults and teens in your community including outreach, collection development, programming, teen volunteers and gaming.

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Board in the Library, Part the Third: Thematic vs Strategic Games

 News / Last Modified: 18 April 2014

Let's talk about thematic and strategic games: what they are, what defines each, and how some overlap exists. You need to understand where and how these types of games interact; that interaction will help you determine what type of players your patro...

Board in the Library, Part Deux: A Progressive List of Game Types

 News / Last Modified: 27 February 2014

The scope of board games has exploded in the past 10 years. This can be a major hurdle for new gamers as well as for those stalwart librarians attempting to create a gaming environment in their library. In this article, John Pappas provides a list of...

Young Adults Deserve the Best

 Webinar / Last Modified: 03 February 2014

Archive and associated resources for November 23, 2010, webinar with Sarah Flowers on competencies for serving teens in libraries.

Teaming Up with Teens @ Your Library

 Webinar / Last Modified: 03 February 2014

Archive and related resources from October 25, 2011 webinar with Diane Tuccillo and Kelly M. Johnson on getting teens involved and engaged with your library.