Older Adults & Seniors


Among the many diverse communities that libraries serve, older adults and seniors continue to be a growing population with unique needs. In 2006, the first of America's 77 million Baby Boomers turned 60. This generation is redefining what it means to be a "senior citizen."

Libraries are changing how they serve this population. They are adapting their programming and outreach strategies, developing senior-friendly spaces, and implementing adaptive technologies. In this section you will find lists of helpful suggestions, case studies of individual libraries, and internet resources to help your library provide better services to older adults and seniors.

Most Recently Added

Amp Up Your Technology Training

 Webinar / Last Modified: 14 December 2016

A webinar on technology training for communities. Learn how OASIS Connections classes are helping communities build skills and confidence using computers, the Internet and today's technology.

Serving Older Adults in a Changing World

 Webinar / Last Modified: 16 November 2016

This webinar will focus on trends, impacts and strategies for library staff serving older adults in a changing world.

Rural Libraries Services for Older Adults: Summary of Findings

 News / Last Modified: 19 September 2016

Each day roughly 10,000 Americans turn 65. How are rural libraries serving these older adults? To find out, I conducted a survey of rural libraries throughout 45 states and two Canadian provinces to see how rural libraries are serving the 65+ demogra...

Program Idea: Golden Girls Trivia

 News / Last Modified: 22 June 2016

We couldn't help but notice a Facebook post that mentioned this successful program idea, and we just had to know more. Judith R. Wright, Teen Librarian at Homewood Public Library in Homewood, AL, was kind enough to share more information including th...

Library Spotlight: Senior Programs at Westerville Public Library

 News / Last Modified: 31 March 2016

Every community is unique, which of course means that each library is unique. Take, for example, Westerville Public Library in Westerville, Ohio. Westerville is a city of about 37,000, situated fewer than 20 miles north of Columbus, and just a stone'...