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Friends of the Library and Trustee groups are some of the powerhouses behind libraries. These groups frequently advocate on behalf of libraries and spend hours raising funds and volunteering their time to help make their local library a success. Find great resources on organizing a Friends group, offering training to trustees, and best practices for working with these groups.

Most Recently Added

Handbook for Connecticut Library Friends

 Document / Last Modified: 10 March 2012

This handbook from Connecticut, created with the help of LSTA funding, shows how to start and run a Friends of the Library.

Working Together

 Document / Last Modified: 01 March 2012

A description of the responsibilities of the library's Director, Board of Trustees, and Friends.

What Does a Library Trustee Do?

 Document / Last Modified: 15 February 2012

Brochure created by the North Suburban Library System explaining the basic roles and responsibilties of a Trustee.