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Our field is transforming rapidly and we are all striving to keep our skills up to date, so that we can meet our community's evolving information needs. Especially when you are not in a formal library studies program, the responsibility for learning ultimately lies with you. A prepared learner is an empowered learner. This section includes career development tips, how to learn online, and more.

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41 Free August Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 12 August 2014

It can be a challenge to remain up to date in our ever-changing, always-demanding library positions. It's a good thing, then, that library staff tend to be lifelong learners, and just as good that there are more free training opportunities available ...

Happiness Through Personal Learning

 Webinar / Last Modified: 25 July 2014

Archive and associated resources for August 10, 2011, session with Marianne Lenox as part of Trends in Library Training and Learning online conference.

The Future of Online Learning: a changing landscape

 Webinar / Last Modified: 26 June 2014

Join us as we explore what education innovators are doing to increase engagement through learner-centered discovery, flipped classrooms, and enhanced online learning.

The Online Learner: Sinking or Swimming?

 Webinar / Last Modified: 26 June 2014

A webinar in collaboration with ALA's Learning Round Table focused on putting the "learner at the center" of continuing education and training.