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Our field is transforming rapidly and we are all striving to keep our skills up to date, so that we can meet our community's evolving information needs. Especially when you are not in a formal library studies program, the responsibility for learning ultimately lies with you. A prepared learner is an empowered learner. This section includes career development tips, how to learn online, and more.

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Online Conferencing with your Local Cohort

 Document / Last Modified: 19 August 2016

A group of staff from St. Joseph County Public Library in South Bend, Indiana, attended an online conference as a cohort. WebJunction interviewed Frances Walters, their staff development librarian, about the group?s experience.

Online Conference Viewing Party Guide

 Document / Last Modified: 19 August 2016

Engage staff, generate discussion, make it locally relevant. A checklist of recommendations for library cohorts who attend online events as a group.

WebJunction Experience: Self-paced Courses

 News / Last Modified: 18 August 2016

As much as libraries are about information, they are just as much about people. Interacting with lots and lots of people. Is it any surprise that the two most-viewed self-paced courses in the WebJunction Course Catalog are Dealing with Angry Patrons ...

Best Practices - WebConferencing Participants

 Document / Last Modified: 17 August 2016

This collection of best practices for web conferencing participants was developed for the Public Library Association 2010 conference session, Expanding your world through Web Conferencing: Connecting small libraries in big ways. March 26, 2010.