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Our field is transforming rapidly and we are all striving to keep our skills up to date, so that we can meet our community's evolving information needs. Especially when you are not in a formal library studies program, the responsibility for learning ultimately lies with you. A prepared learner is an empowered learner. This section includes career development tips, how to learn online, and more.

Most Recently Added

Wisconsin Webinar Archives Added to Catalog

 News / Last Modified: 23 March 2015

We are excited to announce that we've recently added six new webinar archives to the catalog thanks to the Nicolet Federated Library System (NFLS), which serves 42 public libraries in 8 counties and is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Jamie Matc...

58 Free March Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 09 March 2015

Again this month, there's no shortage of webinars for library staff to explore to meet learning needs. This list comes out every month and is regularly updated here on our Free Training page. For additional training, check out the WebJunction Catalog...

TechSoup Webinar Archives Added to Catalog

 News / Last Modified: 05 March 2015

Last year, WebJunction launched our new learning catalog,, providing free access to library-focused self-paced courses and webinar archives. Through the generous support of OCLC, the Gates Foundation, and many state library agen...

74 Free February Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 24 February 2015

It can be a challenge to remain up-to-date in our ever-changing, always-demanding library positions. It's a good thing, then, that library staff tend to be lifelong learners, and just as good that there are more free training opportunities available ...

New Year's Resolutions - Put a Goal on It!

 News / Last Modified: 03 February 2015

We are all familiar with the tradition of establishing resolutions for the New Year. Maybe not so many brownies and a little more walking? Or maybe spending more time with friends and family? Whatever the resolution, there is often a powerful sense o...