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Our field is transforming rapidly and we are all striving to keep our skills up to date, so that we can meet our community's evolving information needs. Especially when you are not in a formal library studies program, the responsibility for learning ultimately lies with you. A prepared learner is an empowered learner. This section includes career development tips, how to learn online, and more.

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Learn With the Best, Learn From the Best

 News / Last Modified: 13 April 2017

Drexel University is home to one of the nation's longest running Library & Information Science programs. Renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality, Drexel University’s program has been consistently ranked among the top 10 programs in ...

Free April Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 31 March 2017

We hear from library staff that the hardest part of professional development is finding the time to learn. When we share this list of webinars each month, we know that it might be overwhelming, even daunting, to see all the opportunities. We recommen...

Areas for Learning through Mentoring Relationships

 Document / Last Modified: 14 March 2017

Within our changing library landscape there are numerous competencies which can be exchanged and improved through a mentoring relationship. Here's a list to get you started as you assess which new skills you may learn as well as expertise or knowledg...

Mentoring: Leadership as a Subversive Activity

 Document / Last Modified: 10 March 2017

This article explores how mentoring in libraries can serve to build leadership by integrating learning into the structure of our work and through the development of supportive relationships, and learning organizations.