Spanish Speakers

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This area of WebJunction offers resources for libraries serving Spanish-speaking patrons including outreach, marketing, programming, and computer related resources. The resources have grown as a result of the many experiences, successes, best practices, and strategies shared by libraries and staff from around the country who participated in WebJunction's Spanish Language Outreach Program. Your experiences, templates, and questions are all welcome here if you work to support services for Spanish speakers.

Most Recently Added

The International Language of Competencies

 News / Last Modified: 07 October 2015

WebJunction's Competency Index for the Library Field was conceived primarily as a foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes for U. S. public libraries. Since the first publication in 2009 and continuing with the updated 2014 edition, the...

Latinos and Public Library Perceptions

 Document / Last Modified: 02 June 2015

WebJunction partnered with the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute to produce this research report detailing the results of a six-state telephone survey of over 2,860 adult Latinos about their public library use and perceptions.

Inmate Library Clerk Handbook in English and Spanish

 Document / Last Modified: 02 June 2015

Handbook written in English for inmate library clerks at the Cibola County Correctional Facility, New Mexico. Topics covered include: filing, circulation procedures, Dewey Decimal System, and library terminology.