Teaching Patrons

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WebJunction has collected training materials and resources that have been developed by library staff from around the country. Resources include templates for technology training and recommendations for developing online patron tutorials, an ever-increasing asset in today's busy libraries. Maximizing subject-based expertise within the library, addressing frequent topics of inquiry from patrons, and taking advantage of the growing cadre of available tools form the critical building blocks for developing an effective patron training program.

Most Recently Added

How to Tech with Teens

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

Imagine teens working together at the library to develop apps and video games; or designing a digital fashion portfolio; or authoring an iBook for their peers on how to stop bullying. At HiTech, you don't have to imagine, teens are doing all of these...

Libraries and Makers Resources

 Document / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

A document collecting resources on libraries and makers, including books, guides, websites, and links to webinars.

Learning through Playful Exploration with Makerspaces

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

Marshmallow engineering? Robotics? Punk knitting? These creative activities are all examples of recent makerspace events happening at libraries all over the country. Programs like these are all about building community and mixing traditional crafts w...