Rural Library Sustainability Program

staff training

Thousands of library staff attended workshops delivered in 42 states as a part of the Rural Library Sustainability Project. If you're a participant wanting to revisit a module of the workshop or a trainer wanting to replicate the workshop, you will find all of the materials here. The Documents tab above will provide you with marketing materials on the workshop, as well as the Rural Library Sustainability Continuum. Many folks have used the Continuum as a stand-alone tool to document progress on sustainability efforts.

Most Recently Added

New Report on Rural and Small Libraries

 News / Last Modified: 14 October 2013

The Institute of Museum and Library Services has released a research brief providing the agency's first targeted analysis of trends for rural and small library services. The report gives an overview of the distribution, service use, fiscal health, an...

Teaching Technology in Small and Rural Libraries

 News / Last Modified: 30 July 2013

If someone walked up to you and said that computers were going to be an important part of living in the 21st century, you'd probably think they were simply stating the obvious. Even so, the rate of growth and change in the computer industry has left ...