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The next generation of the Web (known as Web 2.0 or the "participatory web") brought innovations that turned the Web from a read-only environment into an online community where people meet, exchange information, collaborate, and communicate using web-based tools and social networking sites. These tools are now core to the Web, and a rapidly growing percentage of people now expect to be able to interact with people and content when they use the Web.

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The Social Library, Volume 27

 News / Last Modified: 25 August 2015

Welcome to Volume 27 of our Social Library series! This week brings innovative examples of libraries providing readers advisory, growing early literacy skills, making connections with community businesses, and of librarians on cycles! Every day, libr...

The Social Library, Volume 26

 News / Last Modified: 25 August 2015

In Volume 26 of our Social Library series we're featuring libraries who are creating community engagement opportunities both online, and face-to-face. One library has invited patrons to help celebrate, in a unique way, their 75 anniversary, and anoth...

The Social Library, Volume 25

 News / Last Modified: 18 August 2015

Libraries featured in this week's edition of our Social Library series are creating and sustaining deep connections with their communities via Facebook. From state senators to school superintendents, and with powerful photos and videos, the library's...

The Social Library, Volume 24

 News / Last Modified: 14 August 2015

In this week’s edition of our Social Library series we’re showcasing libraries who are using videos in innovative ways for programming and outreach, and others who are raising funds for their libraries, while promoting healthy living through exercise...

Competencies for Social Networking in Libraries

 Document / Last Modified: 14 August 2015

Social networking is infused into many library services. Here is a list of skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will help library staff achieve competence in this area.