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The next generation of the Web (known as Web 2.0 or the "participatory web") brought innovations that turned the Web from a read-only environment into an online community where people meet, exchange information, collaborate, and communicate using web-based tools and social networking sites. These tools are now core to the Web, and a rapidly growing percentage of people now expect to be able to interact with people and content when they use the Web.

Most Recently Added

The Social Library, Volume 33

 News / Last Modified: 02 February 2016

Welcome to Volume 32 of our Social Library series in which we're highlighting libraries who are hosting events that reach across all kinds of communities, with all sorts of needs and interests. A book festival, a community reads program and a new uku...

WebJunction Social Library Series

 News / Last Modified: 02 February 2016

This Social Library is a weekly feature to surface some of the amazing work we see coming from libraries that WebJunction follows on Facebook. It's a great way to take advantage of the virtual tour we can take through to social media, and to provide ...

The Social Library, Volume 49

 News / Last Modified: 02 February 2016

This week's edition of the Social Library features libraries especially effective at engaging their communities on Facebook. We're featuring a contest that shows library love, book recommendations from Cosmic Librarians, a #bookfacefriday gem, dinner...

The Social Library, Volume 50

 News / Last Modified: 01 February 2016

Libraries and organizations highlighted in this week's edition of the Social Library demonstrate the scope of library impact, in everything from celebrations to engaging conversations. We learned about a library bridging the digital divide, another w...

The Social Library, Volume 48

 News / Last Modified: 26 January 2016

This week's edition of the Social Library shows the range of activities libraries are hosting and audiences they're reaching. Learn how libraries are supporting teens during exam cram, helping adults unwind with coloring programs, and connecting home...