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The next generation of the Web (known as Web 2.0 or the "participatory web") brought innovations that turned the Web from a read-only environment into an online community where people meet, exchange information, collaborate, and communicate using web-based tools and social networking sites. These tools are now core to the Web, and a rapidly growing percentage of people now expect to be able to interact with people and content when they use the Web.

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The Social Library, Volume 32

 News / Last Modified: 06 October 2015

This week's edition of our Social Library series brings inspiration from innovators engaging with communities in libraries, schools, farmer's markets and through art. We're pleased to recognize the libraries in volume 32 for providing learning opport...

The Social Library, Volume 33

 News / Last Modified: 06 October 2015

Welcome to Volume 32 of our Social Library series in which we're highlighting libraries who are hosting events that reach across all kinds of communities, with all sorts of needs and interests. A book festival, a community reads program and a new uku...

The Social Library, Volume 31

 News / Last Modified: 29 September 2015

In Volume 31 of our Social Library series we're highlighting five libraries whose programs and events are bringing community together and showcasing the creative and innovative things happening in and around libraries. From best dressed zucchinis to ...

The Social Library, Volume 30

 News / Last Modified: 22 September 2015

We've reached an even Volume 30 in our Social Library series and we're thrilled to continue to highlight new and innovative approaches to programming, services and marketing from libraries around the globe. This week libraries are kicking off Hispani...

The Social Library, Volume 29

 News / Last Modified: 15 September 2015

Libraries highlighted in Volume 29 of our Social Library series represent libraries who are enriching local lives, connecting people and interests, and meeting community needs. Two of the libraries were featured in national news for their outstanding...