Budgets & Funding

Calculator and checkbook

The budget is the backbone of library operations, pulling together short-, medium-, and long-range goals, all of which help to fulfill the organization's vision and mission. This section is dedicated to helping you find funding resources and work to secure a stable and sufficient budget, including how to work with local officials and make a clear case for funding needs.

Most Recently Added

2016 Knight News Challenge on Libraries

 Webinar / Last Modified: 06 October 2016

This webinar will explore the future of libraries and potential ideas for the second Knight News Challenge on Libraries.

Funding Brainstorm

 Document / Last Modified: 04 August 2016

A list of funding ideas and resources collected from the Rural Library Sustainability workshops, training institutes, and from other discussion areas on WebJunction.

Fundraising Action Plan

 Document / Last Modified: 04 August 2016

This worksheet is from an earlier course and can serve as another tool to help you plan a fundraising campaign for your library.