Managing Public Computers

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As we've moved into the 21st century, providing public access to computers and the internet has become a core function of libraries. Whether your library has a handful of public computers or hundreds, you have become a technology access point for your community and managing that technology requires a range of knowledge. Explore topics that address the varied facets of managing public computers including security, filtering, upgrading, and troubleshooting.

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iFought the iPads (and iWon)

 News / Last Modified: 08 May 2014

When Rapid City Public Libraries decided to add iPads to the Children's Area, I volunteered for the project. In the end this project took me a couple of months to tackle but the number of children using the iPads made it worth the effort. I hope by s...

Small Library, Big Impact

 Webinar / Last Modified: 03 February 2014

Archive and associated resources for the February 23, 2011, webinar with Ioannis Trohopoulos and Amy Gipson on the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation's Access to Learning Award and the 2010 recipient, Veria Central Public Library, Greece.