Public Libraries Respond to the Opioid Crisis with Their Communities

This project is a collaboration between OCLC and PLA, and is funded in part through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (project number LG-00-18-0298-18). Additional information is available in this October 2018 press release.

Project Team

Scott G. Allen
Deputy Director, PLA

Larra Clark
Deputy Director, PLA

Michele Coleman
Associate Researcher (contractor)

Lynn Silipigni Connaway
Director of Library Trends and User Research, OCLC

Chris Cyr
Associate Research Scientist, OCLC

Kendra Morgan
Senior Program Manager, OCLC

Mercy Procaccini
Project Coordinator, OCLC

Steering Committee

Library Representatives

Dr. Natalie Anderson
President, Lower Brule Community College (SD)

Vanessa Christman
Former Director, Humboldt County Library (CA)

Bronwen Gamble
Director, Reading Public Library (PA)

Karen Goff
Executive Secretary, West Virginia Library Commission

Elissa Hardy
Community Resource Manager, Denver Public Library (CO)

Michelle Jeske
City Librarian, Denver Public Library (CO)

Jane Jorgenson
Supervisor, Madison Public Library (WI)

Herbert Malveaux
Interim Chief of Neighborhood Library Services
Enoch Pratt Free Library (MD)

Anna Souannavong
Assistant Director, Gates Public Library (NY)

Kaurri Williams-Cockfield
Director, Blount County Public Library (TN)

Partner Organization Representatives

James Brooks
City Solutions Director, National League of Cities

Jayant Kairam
Director of Program Strategy
National Association of Counties

Christi Mackie
Chief, Community Health and Prevention
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Bobbi Newman
Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist
National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Greater Midwest Region

Research Specialist

Dr. Rajeev Ramchand, Research Fellow
Bob Woodruff Foundation