Budgets & Funding

Talking to Power

Last Modified: 23 May 2012
These notes from a presentation to the California Library Assocation provide a concise checklist of things to keep in mind as you prepare for and make your case to your community's leaders.

A Grand Tour of Alternative Funding

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
Libraries are looking beyond tax dollars for their support...here's a compendium of creative funding solutions.

Barbarians at the Gates of the Library

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
This excerpt is part of a fascinating study of the role of the library in the context of American commercial society. The full text is available at www.blackcrow.us.

Beyond the Book Sale

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
The director of the Avalon Public Library (Pittsburgh, PA) discusses a variety of fundraising options.

Budget Presentation Example

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
An example of how libraries can present their strategic plan and budget details.

Building Partnerships Success Stories

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
WebJunction members and their libraries engage in a wide range of successful partnerships. Here are some of the success stories from the field.