Pew Internet: Advocacy Tools for Librarians

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The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has produced a series of reports presenting new research on library services, trends in reading habits and patron needs in the digital age. This three-year research program is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and informed by an advisory group, focus groups and surveys of library users, non-users, and librarians.

The Pew research is rich in data that librarians can use to inform internal planning and support advocacy efforts. The Pew data is nationally representative, however many libraries are seeing examples of how the Pew findings reflect changes and trends in their own libraries.

The foundation has developed the following advocacy toolkits (one kit for each report) that include materials librarians can customize and use in their own communities. The tools will help librarians effectively talk about the Pew data to stakeholders and share information about library services.

Please check back for new toolkits as Pew continues to release reports.

Report: From Distant Admirers to Library Lovers (March 2014)

Advocacy Toolkit (doc) | Advocacy Toolkit (pdf)

Report: How Americans Value Public Libraries in their Communities (December 2013)

Advocacy Toolkit (doc) | Advocacy Toolkit (pdf)

Report: Parents, Children, Libraries, and Reading (May 2013)

Advocacy Toolkit (doc) | Advocacy Toolkit (pdf) | WebJunction Webinar

Report: Library Services in the Digital Age (January 2013)

Advocacy Toolkit (doc) | Advocacy Toolkit (pdf)

Report(s): Libraries, patrons, and e-books (June 2012) and The rise of e-reading (April 2013)

Advocacy Toolkit (doc) | Advocacy Toolkit (pdf)