History & Genealogy

  • Case-Study-Foreign-Policy-and-the-Vietnam-Conflict.doc

Case Study: Foreign Policy and the Vietnam Conflict

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
This guide walks you through finding resources on the Vietnam conflict in the Foreign Relations of the United States.
  • Creating-a-Legislative-History.doc

Creating a Legislative History

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
This is a guide to using Thomas and GPO's online catalog to create a legislative history.
  • Finding-Information-on-Military-Personnel.doc

Finding Information on Military Personnel

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
This guide links to a variety of resources for finding military personnel information.

Finding your Senators and Representative

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
Each of us has two Senators and one Representative, but sometimes we can't remember their names. This guide will help you find out the names and contact information.

Foreign Policy Diplomatic Files

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
This is a collection of web sites that provide access to the digitized versions of some of the diplomatic correspondence used to make foreign policy decisions.