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Strengthening civic life and a sense of mutuality through libraries

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The Library Bridgebuilding program is a project of IREX, a global development and education organization, with support from More Perfect, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and the Walmart Foundation. The project was created to enhance bridgebuilding capabilities of public libraries to combat rising levels of distrust and division in the United States.

IREX defines bridgebuilding (also called bridging) as engaging across difference in ways that respect identities, foster mutual relationships, seek a common good, and promote a commitment to civic engagement, thereby contributing to increased social capital and strengthened civic infrastructure, and ultimately, a stronger democracy. This hub is a space to share resources to support libraries with bridging and other civic strengthening activities. 

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Bridgebuilding: Fostering Community Engagement and Dialogue

View the webinar recording to learn about the free tools in the Bridgebuilding Resource Hub and hear from public library staff who have offered bridgebuilding programs for deeper engagement with their communities.

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Landscape analysis

IREX conducted a landscape analysis of current U.S. library-based bridgebuilding interventions to identify the most effective approaches and thereby help inform future interventions. 

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Resource list

This collection of bridgebuilding resources for your library includes facilitation guides, training videos, resources for measuring the effectiveness of activities.

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Case studies

Read how public libraries have approached bridging activities, the partners that they worked with, and what they learned. 

Needs assessment and measurement tools

These tools can support you in developing a needs assessment to determine the types of programming that will be most useful in your community and then measuring the effectiveness of those programs.