Encourage Action

Phase 4: Encourage Action

This campaign phase shifts the messaging to put more focus on the issue of library funding.

It is important to reinforce the role that the library plays in helping people find jobs, start new businesses and plan for their future, and the community is asked at every opportunity to join the local public library funding discussion. This means a shift in your messaging, so that your fun campaign is also highlighting the serious issue of the funding needs for your library and public libraries in general.

These resources will help you craft your message, educate the community, and help them actively demonstrate their support for the library:  

Shift Messaging for More Impact

Create a Buzz at Events

Common Public Library Funding Myths

Activate the Community

Economic Development Kit - to start the conversation of libraries as engines of community development

Start the Conversation Kit - to broach the funding conversation with community leaders, local media, schools, organizations, and more

“If one person learns something about the library and becomes a supporter, we have reached our goal.”

—Cathy Reeves, Director

“If people see what you’re doing and they understand that it impacts the community, whether they use it or not, they will nine times out of 10 support it.”

—Wallkill Public Library in Wallkill, New York, Director Mary Lou Carolan

“We did not have an immediate need for funding, but our thinking was to create goodwill now while we are okay. This way, when we do need help, community members will know that the library is here for them in so many ways.”

—Sally Stegner, Director, Lawrenceburg Public Library District, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

“Libraries must be able to demonstrate that they are difference makers in their communities. The library exists to help solve community problems and help transform people’s lives for the better, and I believe this more than anything is what we need to do in order to justify funding support.”

—Bill Harmer, Library Director Chelsea District Library