WebJunction at PLA 2022 in Portland

Recordings now available of these sessions at PLA 2022

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Photo: Steph Harmon and Betha Gutsche, WebJunction staff presenting

The Public Library Association (PLA) hosted its 2022 Conference in Portland, Oregon, March 23-25, and we were excited that members of the WebJunction team and community were able to attend!

Attendees were inspired when they stopped by Community Central in the OCLC booth for short community engagement spotlight talks featuring public library leaders. These 10-minute talks (with time for Q&A after) explored how libraries encourage important local conversations, partner for impact, and create compelling community programming.

Fortunately, for those not able to travel to Portland for the 2022 PLA Conference, many of the sessions were recorded and are now available for all to view.

Wellness culture: Start with staff, extend to your community

Steven Potter, Director, Mid-Continent Public Library

Workplace wellness has been an intentional focus at Mid-Continent Public Library even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch Steven to hear about his team’s approach and commitment to wellness, including building design, on-staff wellness coordinator, and the successful “Access Wellness” community program.

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WebJunction update: Highlights from our resource collection

Betha Gutsche and Steph Harmon, WebJunction

WebJunction has been there for you throughout the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we continue to be there in a variety of ways to deliver timely information and learning opportunities. We focus on topics critical to public libraries and the people who keep them vibrant—you. Watch this session for a colorful tour of highlights, including webinars, courses, and articles on equity, trauma-informed care, early literacy, access to justice, community connections, and more. (See all Resources mentioned, PDF)

Sparks that inspire change: Solve local challenges through engagement

Pam Sandlian Smith, Director, Anythink Libraries

Anythinkers stay in tune with local issues and challenges by building deep community connections. Watch Pam to hear how her team approaches changing needs with intention, including new and expanding partnerships that allow them to dream big to animate curious minds and keep their community thriving.

Build bridges with what bonds and inspires your community

Jamar Rahming, Executive Director, Wilmington Institute Library

The Wilmington Institute Library has embraced its evolving role as a social, intellectual, and recreational community hub. Watch Jamar to hear how his staff are making vital community connections through arts and cultural programs that encourage conversations, including bringing legendary Black artists, athletes, and other public figures to Wilmington.

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Digital equity through community partnerships

Dr. Audrey Barbakoff, CEO, Co/Lab Capacity

The COVID-19 pandemic rocketed digital equity into the national spotlight. How can you keep building on that momentum at your library? Watch Audrey to learn how community partnerships can lead to sustainable innovation in digital equity.

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Exploring the New Model Library: Public library perspectives

Brooke Doyle, Sr. Project Coordinator, OCLC Research

Libraries are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and exploring new models. OCLC Research interviewed library leaders about the changes made both before and during the pandemic that are influencing their visions for libraries over the next five years. Learn about these transformations toward a New Model Library and how library leaders and staff can anticipate evolving needs and expectations.

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Expand multilingual access for library customers

Nicholas A. Brown, COO for Communication and Outreach, Prince George’s County Memorial Library System

The Prince George’s County Memorial Library System has significantly expanded multilingual access to its programs and services in recent years, with growing Spanish, Amharic, Tagalog, French, Yoruba, and Arabic-speaking populations. Watch Nicholas to better understand the importance of an institutional commitment to multilingual access and learn tactics that can be adapted to make your library more welcoming for non-English speakers.

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