Transforming School Library Practice: A School Librarian's Information ShelfVirtual Teaching and Learning 

When schools across the country experienced the sudden COVID-19 pandemic shift from in person to virtual school, most teachers encountered a steep learning curve around conducting classes online. Many school librarians responded swiftly to support teachers in the online classrooms and to create online versions of the library to maintain connections between the library and students. The following resources can meet the challenge of supporting online learning with energy and creativity. 

Learn how to get the most out of the School Librarian's Information Shelf in this recent webinar

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May 23

23 May 2023

School Librarians Lead Learning and Transformation

Join this webinar for an introduction to the School Librarian’s Information Shelf and to learn more from practitioners who have applied transformative practices to their school libraries.

  • Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]

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This informative video offers effective, impactful practices to facilitate engaging online learning experiences for students. By emphasizing the unique and distinct aspects and needs of producers, presenters, and participants (the roles people adopt in online spaces), this video encourages a holistic approach that prioritizes preparation, support, and fun in the form of online games that can break up a virtual lesson. The resources below offer additional information regarding these effective practices. Download Transcript (3,405 words).

Resources highlighted in this video:

WA Digital TeachKit
While specifically designed for Washington state educators, this website offers a directory of digital tools and guides that can be useful for school librarians nationwide who are seeking additional resources and information. The PDF below provides information about the TeachKit, with a suggestion to start with the Guides section to narrow down the tool choices and align them with instructional goals.

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