Supercharge Your Storytime Assessment: Using Data to Tell Your Story

Learn how to apply the power of data in telling the story of the impact library storytimes have on early learning.

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We know that Supercharged Storytimes DO make a difference in building early literacy skills and giving children an early start on reading readiness. But do the administrators and decision makers in your library community know this? It's critical to keep telling the story of your impact and advocating for the value of storytimes for early learning, and having data to back it up will reinforce your message. In this webinar, you’ll hear from practitioners who have overcome their hesitancy around storytime assessment and have discovered the power of data to tell their library story. Get answers to how the Project Outcome early learning assessment tools can make data collection and reporting easy. With feedback from your storytime families, you can improve your services and gather stories that give life to the impact you and your library are having.

This webinar is hosted in collaboration with the Public Library Association.

Presented by: Liesl Jacobson, Assistant Director of Community Engagement, Salt Lake City Public Library (UT); Emily Plagman, Project Manager, Project Outcome, Public Library Association; and Amalia E. Butler Daniels, Senior Children's Librarian, Maplewood Memorial Library (NJ)

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05 March 2019


3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time, North America [UTC -5]



Webinar presenter Liesl Jacobson

Webinar presenter Emily Plagman

Webinar presenter Amalia Butler Daniels