Meeting Global Challenges with Collaborative Leadership


Global Council Area of Focus 2023: Redefining the Library Experience

The OCLC Global Council is comprised of 48 delegates, each representing one of three regions (Americas Regional Council; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Asia Pacific Regional Council). Together, delegates work on behalf of the global membership to reflect the needs of member institutions and help inform OCLC future directions. Global Council brings worldwide viewpoints together, informing and guiding OCLC with their unique perspectives.

Member-focused, member-driven

Each year, the Global Council has selected an area of focus to help concentrate efforts around a challenge facing libraries around the world. This important work spans not only geographic regions, but all types of libraries, and provides opportunities for professionals at all levels of their career to participate by adding their voice and ideas to the conversation. Previous work has included a focus on libraries and open ecosystems, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Discovery and fulfillment, and open access, open content.

Redefining the library experience

Does your library have a new or innovative program or service that excites you? Has your library changed the way it engages with the community? We would love to hear from you. 

This year, the OCLC Global Council, together with OCLC Research, invites you to join us for the 2023 area of focus, “redefining the library experience” that will explore community engagement with the library, collaboration among libraries and community partners, and innovative programming.

Get Involved

Learn more about the 2023 Global Council area of focus, Redefining the library experience, and join us in this year’s activities:

Register for a thought leadership webinar

Our 24 January 2023 webinar highlights unique and innovative programs and services from OCLC Global Council members, and our 15 June 2023 webinar will showcase the findings from the global survey.

We hope you will join on this learning journey to explore the ever-evolving library experience to provide meaningful engagement and bring impactful change to the communities we serve.