JUN 12

Activate the Library Space with Learning

During this webinar, learn from libraries who have reimagined and reconfigured "smart spaces" for active learning, using a combination of placemaking and design thinking principles and strategies.

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Transformation happens when a library reimagines and reconfigures its physical space so that community engagement shifts from passive to active. The fifteen libraries that participated in the Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces project are dynamic proof of that. They learned and applied principles of active learning, placemaking and design thinking to create “smart spaces” where the community learns and creates together and strengthens social bonds. In this webinar, we’ll describe an innovative process that any size of library can follow to uncover community needs and translate those needs into flexible lively learning space. Hear about the real experiences of two project participants who transformed drab, underused spaces into hubs of activity and energy. It can happen at your library.

Presented by: 

  • Betha Gutsche, WebJunction Programs Manager
  • Brianna Hoffman, WebJunction Project Coordinator
  • Jennifer Trail, Director, Glenns Ferry (ID) Public Library
  • Melanie Morgan, Director, Madison County (NC) Public Libraries

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  • Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces project page
  • New Course Sequence! Making Space for Active Learning in Your Library, a self-paced learning experience to guide your library through the process of rethinking and reconfiguring physical space to make room for active learning and work with your community to create new services and programs. The program is presented in a three-course sequence. The first course is available now, and courses two and three will be available soon!

1. Active Learning and Community Discovery introduces the concepts of active learning and placemaking, and the tools and process for community discovery.

2. From Discovery to Design builds on the results of the community discovery process, adapting design thinking approaches to arrive at an actionable idea and a space ready for transformation.

3. Action Planning and Implementation takes the planning through the steps of making the space and service transformation happen.


12 June 2018


3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]



Webinar presenter Betha Gutsche

Webinar presenter Brianna Hoffman

Webinar presenter Jennifer Trail

Webinar presenter Melanie Morgan