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Library staff must keep their skills current to face the evolving needs of library users. But managing staff training can be expensive, inconvenient, and difficult to get off the ground. WebJunction partners with state library and other service agencies to provide cost-effective training and staff development programs that are convenient to access and easy to manage.


Unlimited Access

Provide your staff with easy, anytime access to all the training they need. With unlimited online courses and webinars from WebJunction, you can deliver effective, relevant training right now.




Deliver and manage your staff training from a single location. With WebJunction you can host, promote and track training that your staff can access anytime, anywhere.



Quick Start

One flat fee covers unlimited course and program access for all the library staff in your state. Members have access to their benefits as soon as you join. Add local content in your own time.

Our partners use WebJunction to deliver successful training programs:

  • "An essential criterion of the program was that it be available statewide, and to accommodate that goal a combination of desktop online sessions and video conferencing was employed. This was necessary because many library staff cannot travel for continuing education. Online tools enabled all interested library staff to participate in any or all of the webinars through either the live sessions or the program archives."

  • "By leveraging existing course content and using it with the online facilitated discussions, the trainers were able to create a valuable learning experience for participants without the immense time required to develop new content."

  • "We have lots of small public libraries and the librarians that serve them are rarely able to travel for networking and training. We needed a way to begin to connect librarians to online training and learning resources."

To learn more about WebJunction services or partner program, contact us at info@webjunction.org.

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To learn more about WebJunction services or partner program, contact us at info@webjunction.org.

Our Partners

“WebJunction is an invaluable source that I have come to rely on and feel so fortunate to have. Not only does it build my confidence to know there are courses offered directly related to my position within the library now, but it’s my career advancement plan whenever the opportunity arises. Knowing that I can come to WebJunction and look for refresher courses for a new position or sessions to help me implement new ideas in my current profession, is empowering. I treasure the webinars on WebJunction and am so thankful [my] state subsidizes many of these courses for free. I am a better librarian because of it.”

– Member survey respondent