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WebJunction is the learning place for libraries.

Our mission is to promote learning for all library staff by providing an open online learning community.

Our vision is to be the place where the library profession gathers to build the knowledge, skills and support we need to power relevant, vibrant libraries.

We value community, collaboration, and support for lifelong learning. These values ensure that all libraries—regardless of size, type, or geographic location—can effectively use and share resources towards common goals.

Since our launch in 2003, WebJunction has helped more than 80,000 library staff build the job skills they need to meet the challenges of today’s libraries. Membership is free, all are welcome, and we're always on.

Our focus on library technologies, management, and services, along with public access in small and rural libraries, ensures that public librarians are equipped to meet local needs in their communities.

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"I just wanted to personally thank you for the great webinars that I have had the opportunity to participate in since discovering you in the past year. I see a wealth of stimulating conversation in these presentations. The topics have been so relevant, the presenters so knowledgeable, that I’ve run the risk of overstimulation! It is an exciting time for libraries, I think. Thanks to WebJunction and OCLC for offering these events providing an instructive & informative basis for innovative beginnings."
– email from webinar attendee

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