Halfway Through 2021! Opportunities and Resources from WebJunction

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You know the feeling. “What did I miss?!”

Summer is in full swing and we are halfway through 2021 – which has many of us looking back at the last six months wondering where the time went! With so much happening, it’s likely that some things snuck by that you meant to look into. Maybe it was a webinar, an inspiring story, or an idea for your next great program. We know it’s tough to stay on top of everything, so here’s a quick look back at some of the fantastic programming and resources published on WebJunction since January.

This midyear milestone also has us looking at what's happened in the WebJunction Course Catalog since January. Here are few highlights:

  • 17,280 learners enrolled in 52,012 courses! We’re thrilled see library staff around the country actively engaged and applying what you’re learning to practice, to meet community needs.
  • The Build a Better Library Website Boot Camp course was added, thanks to the New Jersey State Library.
  • 24 new webinar recordings were added on topics ranging from COVID-19 to supporting civil legal justice needs, and from new supervisor training to growing a seed library.

We’re also excited about what’s to come in the next six months and we look forward to bringing you more webinars, courses and resources to support your important work. Be sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter Crossroads, to stay up to date on upcoming webinars, news, projects and resources. And remember that WebJunction is powered by the strength of the library community. If you have a great program, tip or experience that you’d like to share, reach out to us and let us know!