Journal of Collaborative Librarianship - Libraries and the Opioid Response

OCLC and the Public Library Association /

The first in a series of two articles was published in Collaborative Librarianship, with an introduction to the project research. The article is available for review and download.


The nation is experiencing an opioid epidemic. As communities across the country feel the epidemic’s impact, public health and human service organizations are implementing responses that include healthcare, education, law enforcement and the judicial system, emergency services, drug and addiction counseling, and community services. Public libraries around the country are choosing to be part of this response.

With funding from a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, OCLC and the Public Library Association will identify, synthesize, and share knowledge and resources that will help public libraries and their community partners develop effective strategies and community-driven coalitions that work together to address the opioid epidemic in America. This project is called, “Public Libraries Respond to the Opioid Crisis with Their Communities.” This article is the first of two about the project and it focuses on the issues and preliminary themes surfacing in interviews with library staff and the partners. A second article will focus on the data analysis and overall findings.


Coleman, Michele and Connaway, Lynn Silipigni (2019) "Public Libraries Respond to the Opioid Crisis in Collaboration with Their Communities: An Introduction," Collaborative Librarianship: Vol. 11 : Iss. 1 , Article 8.
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