Introducing Learning Circles: Online Learning, Offline

In this webinar, hear how to facilitate study groups, or Learning Circles, for people who want to take online courses together, in-person.

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Learning Circles offer a solution to the isolation of online learning by creating study groups for learners who want to take their online courses together, in-person. Developed by Chicago Public Library and P2PU, these librarian-facilitated study groups meet weekly in the library for 6-8 weeks to work through online courses in subjects ranging from resume writing to public speaking to web design. Participants experience the value of sharing strategies, progress and companionship with peers, all in a low-stress environment. Join presenters Grif Peterson of P2PU and Kate Lapinski of Chicago Public Library to learn more details and recent highlights of the program. If you decide that Learning Circles could work at your library, you can take advantage of the P2PU open source toolkit for librarians and practitioners around the world who want to start running Learning Circles in their community.

Presented by: Grif Peterson, Learning Lead, P2PU; and Kate Lapinski, Learning & Economic Advancement Librarian, Chicago Public Library

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03 May 2016


3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]