Launch into STAR Net's 'Summer of Space'

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Summer is fast approaching, and the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), the STAR Library Network’s NASA@ My Library initiative, and NASA are working together to create a fun and engaging summer learning program for your library. From exciting events like CSLPs “A Universe of Stories,” to electrifying activities, and unparalleled resources, STAR Net’s Summer of Space resources will pave the way for your patrons to experience a space-themed, hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program that is “out of this world.”

From NASA’s Night Sky Network of amateur astronomy clubs, to NASA’s Space Station Explorers program, STAR Net and its partners have curated some of the best programming resources, ideas, and collaborators to support and encourage libraries in their celebration of all that NASA and space science has to offer the next generation of space explorers. There are activity guides, makerspace ideas, and virtual reality excursions that bring space exploration down to Earth.

Not only are there activities such as A Strange New Planet, Crater Creations, and Trip to Mars, but STAR Net’s Summer of Space webpage highlights NASA events around the U.S. celebrating the 50th anniversary for the Apollo 11 Moon walk on July 20, 1969.  The University of Washington is organizing an engineering challenge for middle and high school students called ANGLeS (Apollo Next Giant Leap Student Challenge). Student participants will build a replica of the lunar lander and use a remote-controlled drone to land it on an 8-by-12-foot map of the Moon's surface. They will also be able to take some awesome moon selfies. The U.S. mint has already released commemorative coins celebrating the anniversary. And your library can be part of this momentous event by participating in STAR Net’s Summer of Space.

Library staff may ask how they can offer a strong space exploration program for their community. STAR Net focuses on helping library professionals facilitate STEM learning for their patrons by providing “science-technology activities and resources” (STAR) and training to use those resources such as online webinar opportunities. Whether you are new to STEM or are building on past experiences, STAR Net offers resources and collaborations to take lifelong STEM learning to new levels in your library.

By registering, libraries can join a free online community to share ideas, support each other, and build community partnerships in their own backyards. They are empowered, guided, and encouraged by the STAR Net family to be community anchor organizations that have the potential to transform STEM education nationwide. For more information, please check out the Summer of Space webpage: