Identify and Engage ACA Experts in Your Community

Partner Engagement: Identify and Engage ACA Experts

Libraries have an established history of community partnerships that engage subject matter experts in bringing new or complex information to patrons. Significant investment has been made, through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to create a network of qualified outreach, education, application and enrollment support for individuals and families. Your library may already be aware of these partners as part of understanding your local health services landscape. Creating connections with these experts can support your library’s preparedness to partner or provide referral for your patrons' ACA marketplace information needs.

Explore these resources to identify potential partners

  • provides a number of options for individuals to get help applying for health coverage, including information on a call center and connecting with insurance agents and brokers. The zip-code locator tool from is available to identify qualified application and enrollment support organizations in your community. If you are located in a state operating an independent marketplace, this tool may redirect you to your state’s marketplace site to seek out qualified partners.
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provides a state-by-state guide of consumer health insurance resources for assistance or guidance. Some states have defined Consumer Assistance Programs as part of the ACA, while others provide general health insurance and consumer guidance. This is an excellent resource for identifying agencies that understand how to support common health insurance inquiries.
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provides a description of the types of consumer assistance roles that have been created for marketplaces serving all states. They also provide educational, promotional, and training materials for community partners to utilize in ACA efforts at the resource site for professionals learning about the marketplace, helping people apply and understanding how to use their coverage for care. If you are located in a state operating an independent marketplace, be sure to check your state marketplace for customized materials.
  • State Refor(u)m is an online network for health reform implementation, with resources, discussions, and participants organized by state. This site can help you learn more about the dialogue surrounding health reform implementation in you state.