The Social Library, Volume 4

Jennifer Peterson /

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Social Library highlighting some of the amazing work coming from libraries we follow on Facebook. Many libraries celebrated Pi Day on 3.14.15, and it was touching to see all the libraries honoring Terry Pratchett. Authors are such an important part of our library families.

Here are some fantastic things libraries are doing that we learned about this week:

  • The Institute of Museum and Library Services featured the Westchester Library System in their Project Profiles last week, highlighting their Creative Aging in the Libraries Project. The project, based in Westchester County, New York, has "empowered local libraries and communities to offer programs to active and engaged seniors so they continue to be inspired and creative well into their eighties and nineties." Read the Project Profile and watch the short video to learn more about this inspirational and impactful program.
  • We saw it posted many times, so hopefully you saw the fantastic "Library That!" video created by Sno-Isle Libraries in Washington, to promote their services. We saw many libraries sharing it to their own Facebook pages, saying "We provide all the services covered in this video!" Sno-Isle Libraries also created a nice tribute page for Terry Pratchett on their website.
  • The La Crosse Public Library in Wisconsin celebrated Downton Day on Saturday, in collaboration with the local historical society. The local news station covered the event in this video.
  • The La Quinta Public Library in California publishes a regular feature on Staff Bio Monday, for the community to Get to know your La Quinta Library Staff. This is fantastic!
  • With prom season approaching, we saw a handful of libraries hosting Prom Swap events, like the Jefferson County Public Library in Colorado. Teens either swap their dress for new-to-them dresses, or they "buy" something with canned goods. Prom Swap items "cost" an equal trade, or five cans per dress, two for shoes, one per accessory. Donations benefit Florence Crittenton High School and the Jeffco Action Center.

We look forward to seeking out next week's treasures from the libraries we follow on Facebook. If you have innovative and impactful programs going on at your library that you'd like to showcase, let us know at, or find us on Facebook. Thanks to all of this week's featured libraries for such outstanding service to your communities!