The Social Library, Volume 45

Jennifer Peterson /

Image courtesy Multnomah County Library on Facebook With this year's last edition of the Social Library we're sharing news of libraries connecting with community members through a social work intern, library tours, new technology, local history, and a couple of four-legged friends. As you make your new year's resolutions, we invite you to look to these and other libraries we've featured in our Social Library for inspiration. We look forward to continuing to bring you these weekly highlights of the great work libraries are sharing on Facebook. If you'd like to see your library featured in the Social Library series, please let us know via, or find us on Facebook.

  • Multnomah County Library in Oregon received a wonderful thank you from Ernesto Aguilar to Kenton librarian Diana Miranda after a recent library tour (pictured above): "On behalf of the Community Adult ESL class at Cesar Chavez school, I'd like to officially thank you for your tour today and for hosting us at the Kenton Library. This is the second time the class has visited the library. Each visit has been meaningful to our community. I hope these visits continue long into the future." Library tours are wonderful way to introduce your community to the library, especially for new-comers who are not familiar with what our libraries have to offer.
  • Skokie Public Library in Illinois, shared a link to a blog post, The Year in Tech, by their Learning Experiences Manager reviewing some of this year's highlights, including a new youth computer lab, multi-part technology classes, and circulating Chromebooks.
  • Image courtesy Washington State Library and Mary Neuman on Facebook
  • The Washington State Library shared this photo (from Mary Neuman) of Asotin County Library's cats Mikey, and his mother Carmen. We learned more about these library cats in local news from 2013 and also found them featured on a website, Purr-n-Fur, that hosts a directory of library cats!
  • Lester Public Library of Vesper, Wisconsin shared a post to recognize Marvin Kohls "for his donation of several pieces of Vesper's historical Silo Company. He collected these silo wrenches, placed them on the plaque and gave them to the library so our community can enjoy a piece of our village's history. A thank you also goes out to the anonymous person who made the frame for the plaque so it can be hung securely to the history meeting room wall." Do you have local history or artifacts that could be showcased at the library, in a permanent or temporary display, or perhaps as part of a program or series?
  • The Carbondale Public Library in Illinois may be the smallest library in the country with their own social worker. Shannon Butler is serving as the library's social work intern while she completes her masters and Southern Illinois University. She was featured in this local news story and broadcast, which highlights the library's commitment to addressing the needs of the homeless. She also assists people who are applying for healthcare, obtaining a GED, and those who need mental health counseling.

Thanks to all of this week's featured libraries for such outstanding service to your communities!