The Social Library, Volume 48

Jennifer Peterson /

Image courtesy Ottawa Public Library on Facebook This week's edition of the Social Library shows the range of activities libraries are hosting and audiences they're reaching. Learn how libraries are supporting teens during exam cram, helping adults unwind with coloring programs, and connecting homeless patrons to the brightest of futures. We're also including a library who shares upcoming events in a unique way and another setting readers up on a blind date with a book. Each Tuesday, we share news from five libraries we follow on Facebook. If you'd like to see your library featured in the Social Library series, please let us know via, or find us on Facebook.

  • The Ottawa Public Library in Ontario hosted a Teen Exam Cram Contest last week, as a part of their Teen Exam Cram (January 20 to February 1) during which they "invite teens to study in our branches, receive help preparing for their exams, and relieve some stress by enjoying a few surprises in our branches." The contest invited teens to share their favorite study tips to be entered into a drawing for free swim or skate passes.
  • Southeast Steuben County Library in New York shared a 6 minute video showcasing upcoming library events. Created using iMovie, the video presents three month's worth of events in a format that displays nicely on Facebook or could be set up to cycle on a digital display at the library or at other local community hubs, like the community center. They've also created a Facebook event for each of their programs, so users can browse via the Facebook events tab.
  • Red Deer Public Library in Alberta was featured in a local news story about their Adult Colouring program (video at right). And also, check out the plans they have for Canada's Family Literacy Day on January 27, with a provincial-wide Read for 15 Challenge. (National Family Literacy Day is on November 1 in the U.S. Start planning now!)
  • Boise Public Library in Idaho shared a powerful story of the important role the library has played in the life of Ryan Zehm. This self-taught, self-motivated and self-made developer borrowed library books and used the library’s strong wifi connection to learn the ins and outs of video game development and went from being homeless to being a leader in the field.
  • And to help you get ready for Valentine's Day, we wanted to share this awesome blog post from Karissa Alcox, Blind Date With a Book - Tips and Tricks. Karissa posted last week to one of (if not) the best librarian groups on Facebook, ALA Think Tank with her latest set of blind date books and shared her blog post to help others get started. And if you're not yet part of ALA (Awesome Librarians Associated) Think Tank, what are you waiting for?

Thanks to all of this week's featured libraries for such outstanding service to your communities!