Supercharged Storytimes 2015

Jennifer Peterson /

Note: WebJunction has updated and expanded its successful Supercharged Storytimes pilot project. Learn about the project, Supercharged Storytimes for All.

Engaging young learners is an essential aspect of public library service. In 2015 through Supercharged Storytimes, OCLC, along with partners at the Washington State Library and Thrive Washington, introduced over 500 public library staff members to research-based methods to engage children in storytime, using resources and strategies developed by Project VIEWS2 (Valuable Initiatives in Early Learning that Work Successfully).

Project VIEWS2 researchers at the Information School of the University of Washington were successful in demonstrating how public library staff delivering storytimes to young children could measurably improve the effectiveness of their programs by intentionally focusing on early literacy skills in the design and delivery of those programs.

Supercharged Storytimes oriented library staff in Maine, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin to the storytime planning and delivery approach established through Project VIEWS2. Supercharged Storytimes successfully increased participant awareness and adoption of this research-based approach, and empowered public library participants to articulate and further the impact of their early literacy services. The work was supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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