Social Library, Volume 94

Jennifer Peterson /

Image courtesy Ravenna Public Library on Facebook

Up next in our Social Library series we're highlighting a few of the libraries we're new to follow on Facebook. They're sharing innovative programming, including a movie at LEGO Club and tapping into the escape room craze. They're highlighting a display for National Depression Awareness Month, engaging patrons with a trivia contest, and hosting a home maintenance workshop. If you'd like to see your library featured in a Social Library edition, please let us know via or find us on Facebook.

  • Garland Public Library in Utah recently began posting a Trivia Tuesday question each week to engage with patrons on Facebook. Last week's question was: "How many books are in our Juvenile Fiction Collection?" Patrons are invited to comment with their guesses to the trivia question for a chance to win. The winner each week is awarded a free book and featured in a Facebook post. (Their Juvenile Collection current has 2,486 titles, BTW!)
  • We noted that Appleton Public Library in Wisconsin shared info on their Home Maintenance Workshop. Most households have the need for home maintenance and we're sure nearly every community has a home maintenance expert that would be willing to donate their time to a program like this. "Learn problem solving and small project skills to help you maintain your home."