Social Library, Volume 114

Jennifer Peterson /

Image courtesy Denver Public Librarya on Facebook

Up next in our Social Library series, we’re sharing innovative approaches to fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. From micro libraries to dinosaurs and from guinea pigs to tattoos, these examples are sure to inspire. If you'd like to see your library featured in a Social Library edition, please let us know via or find us on Facebook.

  • Monroeville Public Library in Pennsylvania proved that all it takes all kinds to run the library! In a short video, we see Rita the dinosaur, hard at work. The post announced that she'd be with the library team at the recent 1st Annual Monroeville CommUNITY Day.
  • Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library in California is extending their reach with the new Micro Library at the Arnold Rue Community Center. The Micro Library opened on May 5, the first of four proposed micro libraries set to open in Stockton. The funding for the micro libraries comes from Measure M, which passed during the November 2016 election. The Stockton City Council last year voted to appropriate $104,060 toward establishing the micro libraries. The coverage of the opening includes wonderful photos of the active learning space, and an interview with the city librarian who shared that, “The community center is already a hub for this neighborhood, people come here for the classes, for the open gym, for all the many wonderful things that they do here, and now we have something else." And in addition to all the usual services offered, the library is "happy to offer tons of high tech (and low tech) options for our library users. We offer MakerSpace materials ranging from a 3D printer to pipe cleaners, glue sticks to sewing machines, and a whole lot in-between. We also offer laptops for in-library use and friendly staff to assist our guests who are less familiar with technology." Since opening, the library has been busy hosting programs, including a live performance with the Musical Robots, Science Magic and a Summer Reading Celebration.