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    Closing Equity Gaps with Community Partnerships: Key Resources from WebJunction

    At the Public Library Association’s 2022 conference, Dr. Audrey Barbakoff gave a talk on "Digital equity through community partnerships," in which she discussed how community partnerships can be building blocks for sustainable digital inclu...

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    Austin Public Library, Dozens of Partners Work toward Digital Empowerment

    Austin Public Library has long been a leader in providing public access to information through its 23 locations. But a recent partnership opportunity called DECA is magnifying efforts across the community to ensure that every Austin resident has the ...

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    Learning Circles - We're Better Together

    We can do better together.

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    Host Learning Circles for Greater Online Learning Success

    Most libraries offer programs that bring patrons together to learn, and many offer access to online learning programs, but what about bringing patrons together as a community around online learning?

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    ConnectED Library Challenge Summit

    The White House hosted a convening on Tuesday, with mayors, county executives, school superintendents, and library leaders from approximately 50 cities and counties, as part of a national initiative to connect students to public library system resour...

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    2014 Digital Inclusion Survey: Expanding Library Impact on Digital Divide

    Does your community know the incredible role your library plays in bridging the digital divide and advancing digital inclusion? Do they understand the difference between the existing digital divide and the value of achieving digital inclusion? The re...

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    The Right Time for a National Digital Inclusion Alliance

    There is a clear need among non-profit organizations and libraries for a national broadband adoption advocacy organization. Three federal agencies (National Telecommunications and Information Administration [NTIA], Housing and Urban Development [HUD]...

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    EveryoneOn: The Importance of Digital Literacy Skills

    On March 21, 2013 a new 3-year national public service campaign called EveryoneOn was launched. This campaign is run by the non-profit Connect2Compete (C2C), and is designed to promote the importance and value of digital literacy. Today, over 60 mill...

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    Public Libraries Promote Health

    The recently published 2013 Digital Inclusion Survey Report reveals some key features about public libraries in USA and how they serve their communities. Funded by the IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services) and conducted by the American Libr...

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    Libraries in Myanmar are Taking Strides in the Right Direction

    In a recent interview with Alma Freeman, editor of In Asia, the head of the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation, Dr. U Thant Thaw Kaung, talked at length about the challenges and achievements of libraries across Myanmar. Dr. Kaung also leads...