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Building Digital Communities: Pilot Project Update March 2013

Last Modified: 01 April 2013
Complementing IMLS’s efforts, OCLC continues to work with communities across the country who are forging a path to digital inclusion. Local leadership teams are learning the importance of convening stakeholders from all community sectors.

Nine Communities Pilot Digital Inclusion

Last Modified: 29 November 2012
Summary of the achievements and lessons learned in the early stages of testing the usefulness of the IMLS framework for Building Digital Communities.

Why Digital Inclusion Matters

Last Modified: 20 September 2012
Learn why the call to action to increase digital inclusion across the U. S. is viewed as an essential and sweeping cross-community effort.

IMLS: Building Digital Communities

Last Modified: 17 July 2012
IMLS (Institute of Museum & Library Services) has a national initiative focused on building digital communities, which includes a framework for communities to work together across sectors to make progress on digital inclusion initiatives.

Digital Communities Leadership Summit in St. Paul

Last Modified: 12 July 2012
Overview of the digital inclusion summit held in St. Paul (MN) as part of a project funded by IMLS. Includes the background, summit objectives, participant selection, summit program and outcomes.

Case Study: Freedom Rings in Philadelphia

Last Modified: 23 May 2012
The Freedom Rings Partnership is a coalition of grassroots organizations, government, and universities working together in Philadelphia to drive broadband adoption in underserved communities.