JUN 18

Be Fearless: Public Speaking for Librarians

Join us for this webinar to learn some basic skills for preparing and delivering speeches, plus tips to manage your nervousness and make your library presentations more memorable.

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Do you quake at the thought of public speaking? Are you also faced with the need to communicate to audiences, small or large, the importance of your work in libraries? You really can overcome your anxieties and master the art of public speaking. Join us for this webinar to learn some basic skills for preparing and delivering speeches, plus tips to manage your nervousness and make your presentations more memorable. Armed with practical techniques, you’ll be ready to deliver clear, persuasive, and engaging presentations on behalf of your library.

Presented by: Mary H Stein, Assistant Library Director, and TedxLSU Speaker, East Baton Rouge Parish Library, Louisiana.

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Mary has provided a response to this question posted to chat: Can you give suggestions on various types of groups we as librarians can target to gain more experience speaking in public?

Special Interest Groups such as:

  • Homeowners Groups are EASY to talk to
  • Councilors or Selectmen etc—often have monthly meetings with constituents 
  • Gardeners clubs
  • Book Clubs
  • Study Clubs
  • Hobby Clubs
  • Computer Clubs
  • Library clubs
  • American Legion
  • Military Order of World Wars
  • Writers Circles
  • Genealogical Society
  • The DAR, Colonial Dames, etc.
  • Interfaith Federations
  • State, regional, and national Library Associations

Other Libraries for Training Days or In-service Training, featuring how-tos, booktalks, demos…

YOUR Library for booktalks, training, demos, etc

  • Students of all ages--book talks, research talks, recruit for Summer Reading talks, cat in hat, card drives
  • School system –try to speak to teachers and principals as well as Parent
  • Teacher associations
  • Retired teachers Associations
  • Local universities and community colleges and vo-tech or professional schools to the students as well as to faculty.  Sometimes it is to the college club, sometimes it is part of the lecture series.
  • I also have given a commencement address to the Library School—that was my most nerve-racking experience because I really did not want to let the Dean down.

Business Groups:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Workforce Development Council
  • Public Affairs Council
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Specific business groups frequently list their meetings in thenewspaper—they are often looking for speakers!
  • Press Club
  • American Women’s Business Association
  • Small Business Development Association
  • Professional membership organizations such as AIA, IFMA, IAAP, Bankers,
  • Health Associations
  • Technology associations
  • Downtown Development group, other geographic development
  • organizations
  • Realtors

Community Service Agencies and Organizations

  • Rotary
  • Lions
  • Kiwanis
  • United Way (hint—look through the list of agencies represented in United Way—lots of opportunities there!!)
  • Toastmasters
  • Arts Council
  • Community Fund / Foundation
  • Friendship Force
  • Women’s Council
  • Excalibur Club
  • Jr League
  • Jack and Jill
  • PEO
  • Cooperative-Extension Service
  • Childrens’ Coalitions
  • Literacy Coalitions
  • Volunteers of America
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Council on Aging
  • Newcomers
  • Citizen-Led action groups
  • League of Women Voters
  • Support groups for diseases
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts; Campfire; etc
  • Jr Achievement
  • Retirement centers
  • church groups

Or don't forget to check the database of groups that have used your Library’s meeting rooms!


18 June 2014


2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]