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ISL has the second largest state library map collection in the nation, and the fifth largest government library map collection. For an informational sheet on some of the map department services, contact the staff by telephone at (217) 782-5823 or by email at Some of the fliers available deal with: Federal Township Plats

  • The original government survey plats and field notes of Illinois
  • Sanborn fire insurance atlases
  • Illinois historical aerial photography web site and CD-rom collection
  • Illinois historic aerial photography original collection
  • 2004 Illinois National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP)
  • 2005 Illinois digital orthophotos (aerial photos corrected for distortions caused by the terrain, the orientation of the airplane, and the camera lens to true map accuracy).

You can now print out copies of information sheets on General Land Office plats, Sanborn fire insurance atlases, 2005 Illinois Digital Orthophotos, the 2004 Illinois NAIP, the Illinois Historical Aerial Photography web site and CD-ROM collection and the Illinois Historical Aerial Photography original print collection from the Illinois State Library web site.

Federal Township Plats of Illinois

A grant from the Federal government through its Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA)* has enabled the Illinois State Archives to digitize its 3,457 federal township plats of Illinois and present the images on an interactive web site. ISL Plat Maps

These hand drawn plats show Illinois' landscape as it was before American settlement as well as legal surveying measurements. Using an interactive map of the state, the user is able to click on any county in Illinois and view the plat maps.

The plats are also available on a CD.

Image caption: Introductory page of the Federal Township Plats of Illinois web site

*Funding for this grant was awarded by the Illinois State Library (ISL), a Division of the Office of Secretary of State, using funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), under the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA)

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