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Indian Trails Public Library TrusteesThe American Heritage Dictionary defines a trustee as "a member of a board elected or appointed to direct the funds and policy of an institution." Each Illinois public library has a board of trustees consisting of individuals who believe in the mission and value of their public library. The very title of the position, public library "trustee," indicates that an individual agrees to keep faith with their community by mastering an identified set of core competencies and performing the roles and responsibilities of the office to the best of their abilities.


These basic duties are to oversee the library's budget, to hire, support, and evaluate a qualified director, and to approve policies. In addition to these duties, trustees are legally responsible for assuring that the general operation of the library as well as all board meetings are conducted in accordance with Illinois law. Engaged, knowledgeable trustees can provide leadership and guidance to help even the best library to attain a higher level of excellence.

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Photo Caption: In May, 2007, Senator Susan Garrett visited Indian Trails Public Library District where she posed with her own READ poster, designed by Indian Trails Staff. Pictured left to right is Director Tamiye Meehan; Don Roalkvam, president, Board of Trustees; Senator Garrett with her READ Poster; Doris Wagner, trustee; Gene Looft, trustee; and Wally Salganik, trustee.

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Swearing In and Orientation of New Trustees

 Document / Last Modified: 25 April 2013

May is the month when new library trustees take their oaths of office and begin their duties. There are some differences between the requirements for trustees of local libraries and trustees of public library districts.

What Does a Library Trustee Do?

 Document / Last Modified: 26 March 2013

This brochure details all of the resources WebJunction Illinois has to offer Illinois library trustees. It is available to all interested parties and may be printed and shared for future use.