Safe Place for Kids & Teens

Researching Communities - #3

Patron safety, especially for children and young adults, was an expressed concern during the study interviews. This training course provides ways for staff to familiarize themselves with both physical and cyber safety, additionally disaster planning is reviewed. Directors and supervisors might want to use this course to guide discussion during staff development training.

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  • Master of Disaster: Developing a Disaster Plan
  • First Aid – Basic
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Workplace Safety Orientation


  • Internet and Children
  • Illinois Library Policy Examples (including policies for internet usage and unattended children)
  • Technology Services for Children (webinar archive)
  • DOPA and the Participation Gap

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#3 Library as a safe place for kids and teens

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Library as a safe place for kids and teens was the third most popular response in the Researching Communities to Prepare for the Future study.