Digital Inclusion

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    Libraries in Myanmar are Taking Strides in the Right Direction

    In a recent interview with Alma Freeman, editor of In Asia, the head of the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation, Dr. U Thant Thaw Kaung, talked at length about the challenges and achievements of libraries across Myanmar. Dr. Kaung also leads...

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    Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Digital Literacy Resources

    Libraries know digital literacy; they’ve been the go-to resource for their communities for years. Yet the need continues to grow as the demand for basic skills intensifies and new skills emerge. Whether supporting job hunters, students, older adults,...

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    Trail-Blazing Digital Inclusion Communities

    Increasing a community's access to and use of information technology requires collaboration among libraries, local government, non-profits, and business. This is a fundamental basis of Building Digital Communities: A Framework for Action (The Framewo...

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    Complete the Digital Inclusion Survey

    All public libraries are encouraged to participate in the new Digital Inclusion Survey, a national survey which will provide valuable data on the digital inclusion roles of public libraries.

    Documenting the impact of libraries in the Digital A...

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    Digital Inclusion Infographic Released

    In response to lessons learned, we have created the infographic: "The Internet Is Important To Everyone". This infographic aims to bring attention to the impact broadband has on our lives, our health, our government, our jobs, and our educa...

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    Talking About an Evolution: Digital Inclusion in Dodge City

    Most of us have heard the term digital inclusion, though we may all have different ideas about what it means, and how if affects those around us. As Dodge City, Kansas, set out to build a more digitally inclusive community, local leaders first had to...

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    Easy, Powerful, and Free: Sign Your Library Up for the Impact Survey

    Access to computers in public libraries changes lives. The landmark study Opportunity for All (2009) illustrated this decisively, with compelling national findings about the extent to which library computers are used to gain admission to college, obt...

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    Libraries: Natural Leaders of Community-Wide Digital Inclusion Efforts

    Libraries are responding to and anticipating the digital needs of the communities they serve, as are other community anchor institutions and the residents themselves. Technology is changing our day to day activies so fast many of us struggle to keep ...

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    Steps 1 and 2 of Building Digital Communities

    Increasing information technology access and use in order to build cohesive 21st century communities is a complex task. Building Digital Communities: Framework for Action provides guiding principles and steps for getting started. Thanks to support fr...

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    Engaging Stakeholders, the First Step to Increasing Digital Inclusion

    Broadband Rhode Island's public policy engagement process carefully engaged stakeholders from a variety of sectors, kept them engaged through a facilitated and well-planned process and is now implementing recommendations defined during the process.