Supercharged Storytimes Expands to Five States

Liz Morris /

Note: WebJunction is updating and expanding its successful Supercharged Storytimes pilot project. Learn about the new project, Supercharged Storytimes for All.

Organic. Infectious. Creative. Intentional. These are some of the words we’ve heard participants and partners alike use to describe Supercharged Storytimes ―the empowering approach to storytime planning and delivery established by the Project VIEWS2 research team.

In the first pilot of OCLC's Supercharged Storytimes program, over 80 library storytime practitioners in Washington State recently completed a multi-week online orientation to the early literacy concepts, tools, and tips sheets produced by the Project VIEWS2 team.

Now public library staff in five additional states will have the opportunity to participate in this program in the fall of 2015. The following state library partners have been selected as essential facilitators and collaborators to connect public library staff in their states to this exciting learning opportunity:

  • Maine State Library
  • Minnesota State Library Agency
  • Montana State Library
  • State Library of North Carolina
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction,
    Division for Libraries and Technology

We look forward to sharing the learning from this pilot program as it evolves in libraries in our partner states over the next several months. We will analyze our learning and recommend strategies to ultimately make Supercharged Storytimes widely available to library staff across the country.