YOU are WebJunction

Jennifer Peterson /

May 12, 2013, marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of WebJunction. We're looking at this time as an opportunity to both celebrate and reflect on the past decade of your work in libraries. The more than 80,000 library staff who have connected with content, programming and community through WebJunction have been providing innovative and impactful services in libraries all around the country. You are who we celebrate; you are WebJunction!

It's been a struggle for some of us to stop long enough to think back on where we've been. I was encouraged by advice from Jeff Penka, an OCLC colleague, to take the time to "celebrate incrementally" the accomplishments of a team passionate about their work. I encourage you to think back to 2003--before ebooks, iPads, Facebook and Twitter--and think about how much change you have weathered with grace, compassion, and commitment to providing excellent library service to your community. How has the WebJunction community inspired you to do this work? Did your participation in the Spanish Language Outreach Program spark innovative responses to your community's needs? Did you connect with other rural librarians in the Rural Library Sustainability Program? Did you attend a webinar and learn from a presenter who gave you ideas for a new approach to services or programming?

We have begun collecting video reflections into a YouTube playlist here: We hope this will inspire you to join us in celebrating WebJunction's 10th Anniversary!


There are a number of channels for you to share your own reflections in the coming weeks, in whatever format you prefer. Share comments, links to your own videos or photos, etc.

  • In the comments area below this article
  • Post to WebJunction's LinkedIn Group
  • Or our Facebook page
  • Tagged to Twitter with #WJ10th to @WebJunction
  • On WebJunction's Google+
  • Send it to us in an email:
  • Tag your special WebJunction photos on Flickr with #WJ10th or browse through ours on WebJunction's Flickr 
  • Or as Sharon did, on Prezi. [I'd like to thank Sharon for her WebJunction leadership. She inspires our team every day!]

I was also inspired to explore Tumblr as a tool to collect celebrations, so have a look there too!

Help the WebJunction community celebrate a decade of libraries learning together and the great work you continue to do.