Change & Adaptability

change or die
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Our work in libraries requires nimbleness and responsiveness as we are constantly confronted with the need to change. As our communities and libraries change, so must we improve our ability to respond and adapt to change. Explore the competencies and skills needed to manage change, find libraries and library staff who demonstrate effective change management and adaptability.

Most Recently Added

How Successful Libraries Thrive in Uncertain Times

 Webinar / Last Modified: 12 October 2016

This webinar explores the five characteristics that encourage positive results for library leaders in uncertain times, regardless of what the world throws their way.

2016 Knight News Challenge on Libraries

 Webinar / Last Modified: 06 October 2016

This webinar will explore the future of libraries and potential ideas for the second Knight News Challenge on Libraries.

Know Thy Community: Tips for Rural Library Directors

 News / Last Modified: 03 October 2016

If the recent webinar Beyond the Job Description: Ten Practical Tips for the Rural Library Director could be summed up in one sentence, it might just be: "Make sure you know your community and that your community knows you."


IFLA 2016: Reaching for the Possible

 News / Last Modified: 09 September 2016

It was halfway through my second day at the 2016 IFLA Conference that I realized how many times I had heard the word "possible." Presenters on a variety of topics evoked what is possible in their visions and examples of library futures, and...