Small Business & Entrepreneurship

The United States government has an interest in helping individuals open and successfully run businesses. Business is often considered the backbone of our economic system, and small businesses comprise a major percentage of all businesses in the US. Through the Small Business Administration, US Department of Commerce, US Federal Trade Commission, US Department of Labor, and other government entities, people can learn how to form and grow a business, about regulations and laws that affect their business, and they can find tools to assist with marketing, demographic awareness, business plan development, business leads for import/export, counseling for solving problems they encounter, and for other supportive functions.

Some business activities (incorporation or sales tax licensing, for example) are handled at the state and/or city level; this module will focus on resources offered at the national level, but will suggest areas where state or city inquiry is required.

This module consists of a number of training information pages, several exercises, and additional resources. You'll find that exercises will appear relative to the subject being discussed within the topic page as you progress, or you may choose them individually. This module also contains a bibliography including all sites and resources mentioned in this module. Past training materials for this module are available at the Gi21 Training Sessions site.


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This is a set of exercises for employment data.