Learning Together: WebJunction Webinar at Library In-Service Training

Jennifer Peterson /

Image courtesy Upper Darby Township & Sellers Memorial Free Public Libraries

WebJunction provides certificates for viewing our webinars, whether attending live or accessing recordings in our Course Catalog. We also offer certificates to those attending as a group. When registering for an upcoming webinar, you can indicate you're gathering members of your team together to view the webinar, and we'll follow up to provide all your learners with a certificate.

This spring we heard back from Nancy Hallowell, director at Upper Darby Township & Sellers Memorial Free Public Libraries in Pennsylvania, with such a request for certificates for 29 staff members. The webinar, Whole Person Librarianship: Fostering Empathy in Challenging Times, “was viewed as part of the library’s annual in-service training and was very well-received.”

Over the years we've seen a wonderful evolution toward library teams sharing in what they're learning, often gathering to view and discuss the webinar together, perhaps with board members, trustees or other volunteers. We've heard from libraries that they like this opportunity because everyone hears the same thing and can adopt a common language about the topic, as they work toward a shared understanding of how the team might apply what they've learned in the webinar. Others mention the opportunity it provides for their team to participate in something larger, but still feel safe sharing ideas in small group.

We asked Nancy to share a bit more about her library and her decision to share this particular webinar as part of their in-service training.

"We used a projector and speakers and the webinar was very easy to follow and we could hear the audio clearly!  I had printed out the learner guide to use as a discussion starter, but didn’t need it. I simply asked – "Any comments?" and the group discussed for 20 minutes. They would have gone longer but lunch arrived.
"We are a three-location library in the inner-ring suburbs of Philadelphia.  Our school district of about 12,000 students boasts 50+ native languages; it seems to vary every year. Most of our staff has learned to pronounce names in multiple languages and can understand the most heavily accented English. One branch is located less than 2 miles from the county homeless shelter; one is less than a mile from an area drug and alcohol rehab facility; and all three are close to public transportation in and out of the city. Three of our staff have some social work background and feel that tug almost daily.
"There isn’t a lot that we haven’t seen. If we had the funding, I’d seriously consider some kind of on-staff social worker. The webinar has given me a few thoughts about contacting local universities (there are lots in this area) about internships, or something along those lines. We are certainly glad to take advantage of any training opportunities that come along."

Thank you to Nancy for making this learning opportunity available to her team, and for sharing their experience with the WebJunction community. Learn more about our webinar program and how to take advantage of opportunities to learn together in, WebJunction Experience: Webinars.