WebJunction Top Ten 2015

Erin Schadt /
woodleywonderworks on Flickr | cc by 2.0.

WebJunction hosts two webinars each month and publishes multiple articles a week on topics relevant to those who work or volunteer in libraries. Looking back on the year, it's interesting to note the topics of these top ten articles and webinars. Did these topics surface for you in your work this year?  

Top Ten WebJunction Articles & Webinars in 2015

  1. Adult Coloring Explosion (article)
  2. Beyond Book Groups: Fun Library Programs for Adult Readers (webinar)
  3. Key Elements of a Project Plan (webinar)
  4. The Pursuit of Happiness … Through Libraries (webinar)
  5. Growing Through Conflict: Healthy Workplace Communication (webinar)
  6. The Community Connector: Referring Social Services at the Library (webinar)
  7. Great Ideas for Innovative Community Engagement (article)
  8. Interesting Patron Questions (article)
  9. Competency Index for the Library Field (article)
  10. Health Happens in Libraries: Pathways to Guide Health Education at Your Library (webinar)