Supercharged Storytimes for All: Train the Trainer State Library Application

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WebJunction is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for state libraries and regional library systems to apply to be partners in the Supercharged Storytimes for All expansion. State and regional library partners will select a small group of trainers to join a cohort of 30 trainers who will participate in a 6-week, live online Train the Trainer course in May-June 2018. WebJunction staff, along with early literacy expert, Saroj Ghoting, and Project Outcome’s Emily Plagman, will lead the trainers through an expanded course that covers foundational early literacy concepts as well as ways to educate parents and caregivers about their role in supporting early literacy. Those trainers will then commit to training storytime practitioners in their state or region over the next ten months. Two to five additional state or regional systems will be selected to join three committed partners to be part of this Train the Trainer course.

Application Resources

Additional questions? Please contact Brooke Doyle (, Project Coordinator, Supercharged Storytimes for All. 

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [grant number RE-95-17-0085-17].

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