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Note: WebJunction is updating and expanding its successful Supercharged Storytimes pilot project. Learn about the new project, Supercharged Storytimes for All.

Over 520 library staff members in six states participated in Supercharged Storytimes orientation in 2015.

Participants collaborated in a dynamic online learning community to explore eight research-based early literacy concepts, and specific strategies for reinforcing those concepts for kids, parents, and caregivers with intentionality and enthusiasm.

Orientation content was informed by resources developed by Project VIEWS2 (Valuable Initiatives in Early Learning that Work Successfully).

Supercharged Storytimes participants in Maine, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin built on their existing expertise to:

  • Incorporate research-based early literacy concepts into their storytimes;
  • Recognize the role early literacy plays in overall early childhood development; and
  • Articulate the relevance of their services to parents, caregivers, and other library stakeholders.

Harnessing the Power of Peer Networking

Supercharged Storytimes is a multi-modal, multi-week program, during which participants connect in regularly-scheduled online webinars, collaborate and share resources and experiences through peer connection in Supercharged Central, a custom online social learning platform, and sustain their practice through practicing new skills and self-reflection.


Putting Learning into Practice

Participants developed knowledge and skills regarding the following topics during Supercharged Storytimes. Each of the sessions outlined below was followed by a period of time for participants to put their learning into practice by using tools and resources introduced in each session in their storytimes, and reflecting on their experience through discussion forums.


Session One: Welcome to Supercharged Storytimes

  • Setting the stage – prepare to be a successful online learner
  • Enhancing your practice through intentionality – learn how VIEWS2 resources connect to established early literacy best practices in libraries
  • A Supercharged Story – hear how a library colleague has Supercharged their practice
  • Dialogic Reading – understand simple steps for interactivity in storytimes

Session Two: Supercharge Your Practice – Alphabetic Knowledge

  • Alphabetic Knowledge – learn what it is and why it matters for early learners
  • A Supercharged Story – hear how a library colleague emphasizes Alphabetic Knowledge in their practice
  • The ABCs of Planning – obtain tips and tricks for using VIEWS2 Alphabetic Knowledge resources in your storytimes

Session Three: Supercharge Your Practice – Phonological Awareness

  • Alphabetic Knowledge Check – examine successes and challenges in your evolving practice
  • Phonological Awareness  – learn what it is and why it matters for early learners
  • A Supercharged Story – hear how a library colleague emphasizes Phonological Awareness in their practice
  • Planning with Do-Re-Mi – obtain tips and tricks for using VIEWS2 Phonological Awareness resources in your storytimes

Session Four: Building a Supercharged Community

  • Phonological Awareness Check – examine success and challenges in your evolving practice
  • Finding Your Voice – discuss simple steps for connecting with parents and caregivers
  • Expanding Your Practice – learn how to incorporate additional early literacy concepts and VIEWS2 resources in your work over time

Session Five: Sustaining Early Literacy Influence

  • Early Literacy Concept Check – examine success and challenges in expanding your practice to other early literacy concepts
  • Sustaining Your Practice – leverage local and online communities to maintain intentionality
  • Advocating For Early Learning – distinguish how early literacy connects into the broader spectrum of early childhood development, and identify simple steps for articulating this in your daily work

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